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THE HISTORY OF NOVOROSSIYSK SHIPYARD The History of Novorossiysk shipyard started when on 26th January 1918 Common Commissar Council's Decree about nationalization of Merchant Fleet (including all ship repair and shipping companies) was published. On 5th May of 1918 locomotive depot premises located at the foot of the eastern pier and owned by Vladicaucasian railways were passed to the port.

This depot, a slipway and the remainders of private workshops were incorporated into a single marine port enterprise. This was the creation of the Novorossiysk ship repair facilities from which the existing Novorossiysk Ship Repair Yard has grown.

During the 1960's and 70's the shipyard obtained 11 meters deep-draft repair berths.

In addition to the existing foundry shop and No.3 workshop block (where almost all workshops were accommodated till 1962) a hull welding shop (No. 2 workshop block) with a total floor area of 4,000 square meters and No.1 workshop block with a total floor area of 17,000 square meters were completed.

The shops were fitted with three overhead cranes, the largest with a lifting capacity of 80 tons and heavy duty, unique metal-cutting equipment was installed.

In connection with the delivery of the "KRYM" Class OBO carriers of 182,000 tons DWT, owned by Novorossiysk Shipping Company, the Government of the USSR decided to build new repair facilities for the repairs of these vessels.This development process was completed in 1992.

In August 1985 the shipyard purchased a new floating dock with a lifting capacity of 60,000 tones. The dock was placed on the outer port limits and protected from the sea by a new jetty of over 1 km in length.

 THE HISTORY OF NOVOROSSIYSK SHIPYARD With these improvements completed the shipyard has the facilities to accommodate any types of merchant or navy vessel with a deadweight of up to 200,000 tones.

In November 1992 the shipyard was transformed into a Joint-Stock Company.

In 1998 the first 9.2 Wm gas turbine driven electric power plant in the city and situated on the yard's premises was completed and commissioned, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

JSC "Novorosiysk Shiprepair Yard" is one of a several ship repair enterprises on the Russian market.

Today the shipyard has a reputation to be a highly structured industry which has over 15 workshops equipped with up-to-date equipment, engineering capabilities, two floating docks of 30,000 and 60,000 tones lifting capacity, gantry cranes and cargo handling facilities, repair berths, railways. The repair areas covers over 23 hectares.

Apart from ship repair activity the shipyard offers cargo transshipment services.

The yard started to offer these services to cargo owners in November 2004 and the facilities of Transshipping Complex in the yard have been continuously improved and can now handle over 2,5 million tons of cargo per year.

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