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At present JSC NSRY is included into the group of companies JSC Novorossiysk Merchant Sea Port.

JSC NSRY renders a wide range of stevedore and ship repair services and is one of the biggest port operators on the Black Sea coast.

The main business activities of JSC NSRY:

Cargo handling activity   ( mechanical handling of cargoes, storage of cargoes, port operations and other auxiliary activities);
Cargo handling activity
( mechanical handling of cargoes, storage of cargoes, port operations and other auxiliary activities)
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JSC NSRY The production territory of JSC NSRY makes up 30 hectares, it has 13 railways with length more than 4100 m, roads. JSC NSRY `includes 10 berths amounting total length more than 1700 m equipped with gantry cranes with cargo capacity up to 50 t. JSC NSRY is able to accommodate vessels with displacement up to 200 000 t, length up to 300 m and wodth up to 43 m.

JSC NSRY employs the biggest ship repair facilities and dry docks on the Black Sea coast of Russia. Ship repair facilities of JSC NSRY incorporate two unique floating docks, powerful gantry cranes and cargo lifting equipment.

Inner railways of JSC NSRY are connected with the ramified net of JSC Russian Railways Ļ, linked with the most important industrial and administrative centers of Russia, Caucasus and Middle Asia.

Novorossiysk JSC NSRY is located in the Tsemes bay of Novorossiysk port. Novorossiysk port is located in the north-east part of the Black Sea and is one of the biggest Russian sea ports, it occupies the fifth place among the biggest European ports. It is the only unfreezing deep port of the south basin of Russia allowing all year round navigation.

Novorossiysk Merchant Sea port is located on the crossing of international transport corridors connecting Russia with the Mediterranean, the Near East, Africa, South and South-East Asia, North and South America.

Geographical co-ordinates are as follows:

  • 370 48' 6'' Northern latitude
  • 440 43' 6'' Eastern longitude

Joint-stock company

Novorossiysk Shipyard

Cargo Handling Complex
phone: +7 (8617) 265084, 602281
fax: +7 (8617) 279782
comm.dept.: +7 (8617) 604302
Welder Certifying Centre
phone: +7 (8617) 26-50-97