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Technical potentialities

Cargo handling complex (cargo handling, storage of cargoes, transport-forwarding services) In 2007 turnover of JSC NSRY Dry Cargo Handling Terminal achieved 3,0 million tons of various cargoes per year. Presently technical potentialities of Cargo Handling constitute more than 3,5 million tons per year.

At present technical and technological data of the Dry Cargo Handling Terminal are as follows:
  • the total length of berths with depths from 4,5 to 11,3 meters, used for Cargo Handling, are more than 1 700 meters;
  • the depths alongside permit to accommodate vessels of Panamax type provided the maximum draft 11 meters;
  • in total up to 10 cargo holds can be loaded/unloaded that permits to handle 4-5 vessels simultaneously round oclock;
  • areas for open storage of cargo constitute more than 60 000 sq. m., which permit to place simultaneously up to 450 000 tons of various cargoes;
  • the capacity of warehouses for sheltered keeping of cargoes is intended for simultaneous keeping up to 30 000 tons of cargoes.
13 Approach railways with total length of more than 4100 meters are serviced by own locomotive. Rate of handling of railway vagons is up to 195 units per day.

For the last years all vessels were loaded/unloaded in due time or before end of term. JSC NSRY Dry Cargo Handling Terminal achieved the real rate of loading up to 18 thousand tons of cargo per vessel per day.

Cargo handling complex (cargo handling, storage of cargoes, transport-forwarding services) A ferry berth 9 was put into operation in 2008 and intended for accommodation and loaded/unloaded of Ro-Ro type vessels. Vessels with stern ramp are handled at the berth both with trucks and vehicle; special purpose machines; and food-stuffs on pallets with fork lifts.

JSC NSRY Dry Cargo Handling Terminal is developing: creation of new areas, which permit to put into operation new storages and warehouses intended for stowage of cargoes in order to accumulate ship consignments; renewal of technical means is going on; new highly productive machinery is being purchased: upgrading of the present berths is being carried out, which will permit to accommodate and loaded/unloaded large vessels; new railways are put into operation, which permit to handle more large railway vagons.

Technical equipment

The stock of handling machinery consists of:
  • 16 gantry cranes with cargo capacity from 15 to 40 tons;
  • 7 overhead and bridge cranes with cargo capacity from 30 to 50 tons;
  • 19 fork lifts with cargo capacity from 16 to 32 tons;
  • 12 fork lifts with cargo capacity from 1,6 to 7,5 tons;
  • 14 terminal tractors;
  • 36 roll-trailers with cargo capacity 60 tons;
  • 4 mobile cranes with cargo capacity from 25 to 36 tons.
Two closed type loading galleries equipped with overhead bridge cranes were put into operation. They permit to perform loading/unloading of railway vagons at the periods of nasty weather and gales.

The following handling machines are engaged into handling of general cargoes:
  • auto-loaders "almar", "Fantuzzi" c/c 16-32 t.
  • terminal tractors "Kalmar", "Sisu","Terberg" with roll-trailers (length up to 12 m.)
  • loaders with small tonnage "Linde", "Toyota", "Fiat" c/c 1,6-7,5 t.

Cement in big-bags is also handled. The following handling machines are engaged:
  • excavator-loader "Mantsinen" 80RCH (with capturing device for big-bags)
  • vehicle loader "Terex" TM350
  • vehicle loader "Atlas" 1804 MI
  • vehicle loader "Atlas" 5005

The stock of handling machines is constantly being renewed. The following machines have been purchased recently:
  • 2 terminal tractors "Kalmar"
  • 2 fork lifts "Kalmar" c/c 16,32 t
  • Excavator-loader "Mantsinen" 80RHC
  • 3 vehicle loaders "Atlas" and "Terex"

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