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Cargo handling complex (cargo handling, storage of cargoes, transport-forwarding services) JSC Novorossiysk Ship Repair Yard (JSC NSRY) is included into a group of companies JSC Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, one of the largest Russian stevedore holding.

JSC NSRY is one of the biggest port operators on the Black Sea coast of Russia, it renders a wide range of stevedore services on its own Dry Cargo Handling Terminal.

Cargo handling complex (cargo handling, storage of cargoes, transport-forwarding services) JSC NSRY Dry Cargo Handling Terminal renders the following services:
  • transshipment of cargoes onto sea and river vessels from other means of transport and vica versa;
  • loading of cargoes onto vessels and lashing them on boards the vessels, unloading cargoes from vessels, arrangement of tally and marking of the goods, storage operations;
  • issuing of Cargo Manifests, Shipping Orders, Bills of Lading and other transport documents, settling of Customs formalities;
  • warehouse operations with cargoes;
  • transport-forwarding services;
  • mooring operations

To perform the above mentioned operations NSRY Dry Cargo Handling Terminal uses berths intended for general purposes with gantry cranes. There are warehouses and open storage on the terminal, it owns cargo handling equipment and machinery, as well as skilled dockers. Cargo handling complex (cargo handling, storage of cargoes, transport-forwarding services) JSC NSRY Dry Cargo Handling Terminal provides works and services according to extra requests:
  • processing of cargoes (tare repairs, restoration of package, repacking of cargoes, etc);
  • marking of cargoes;
  • other works and services including issuing declaration, calculations of dispatch and demurrage;
  • provision of mooring and unmooring operations;
  • organization of preventive measures against rats and insects, gas freeing, disinfection;
  • supply of fresh water to vessels;
  • provision of garbage containers and toilets;
  • supply of electric power to vessels.

Nomenclature of reloaded cargoes:

Ferrous metals
Ferrous metals Hot rolled and cold rolled steel coils, slabs, steel plates and billets packed and unpacked, ingots, various profile and rolled metals prevail in the list of handled cargoes.

Among our customers are such famous companies as: agnitogorsk Metallurgical Enterprise, Novolipetsk Metallurgical Enterprise, Ural Steel, Izhevsk Steel, tchel, Pervoyralsk Novotrubniy Plant, Nizhniy Tagil Metallurgical Plant, Oskol Electrometallurgical Enterprise, rasniy Oktyabr, Severstal.

Non-ferrous metals
Non-ferrous metals JSC NSRY Dry Cargo Handling Terminal handles cathodic copper in packs for export as well as aluminium in ingots and bars, zinc and lead in packs.

Chemical fertilizers
Chemical fertilizers The nomenclature of fertilizers handled by us includes: potassium sulphate, sodium threepolyphosphate and others. JSC NSRY handles chemical fertilizers exclusively in big -bags.

 Food- stuffs JSC NSRY Dry Cargo Handling Terminal unloads food-staffs and perishable cargoes from vessels to railway vagons or vehicles and vica versa excluding their keeping in warehouses.

Cement and other building materials
Cement and other building materials Our complex handles cement in big-bags and other building materials such as :brick on pallets, block on pallets, metal structures, beams, frames and unit cargoes.

Loading/unloading container cargoes
 Loading/unloading container cargoes Dry Cargo Handling Terminal renders services of loading/unloading containers with cargoes delivered to the territory of JSC NSRY by other means of transport.

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Novorossiysk Shipyard

Cargo Handling Complex
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comm.dept.: +7 (8617) 604302
Welder Certifying Centre
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